There’s no greater luxury than unencumbered time. Time to relax. Time to share. Time to enjoy. As patrons of the path less traveled, cross our stunning bridge from 30A and lose yourself in Kaiya’s unique culinary, recreational and hospitality experiences.

The Inn B

The Inn

Near The Grove sits a boutique Inn featuring luxurious rooms, restaurants focused on farm-to-table fare, and a shimmering pool. The Inn’s reception area will serve as the community’s ‘living room,’ with locals and visitors gathering for morning coffee, lunch appetizers or evening cocktails. In the adjacent restaurant, a lounge area replaces a traditional bar, again encouraging guests to relax and mingle.

The Grove B

The Grove

The entrance to Kaiya from Highway 30A leads into The Grove. This lush green space welcomes visitors with creative landscaping, fountains and garden paths, while also buffering the resort from the outside world. A gracious spaciousness permeates the resort, as 35 percent of its lands are set aside as greenspace.

A bowl of salad


Blurring the lines between indoors and out is a theme throughout the resort. The restaurant is one example, as dining areas spill outdoors onto a pool deck and into The Grove. Great meals have a way of bringing people together in a way that is truly special. This type of culinary experience will be an essential ingredient at Kaiya.

A man paddleboarding


Staffed by knowledgeable sportsmen, the Adventure Store offers a one-stop shop to plan, book and equip your party for unique and memorable Gulf Coast adventures.

Home improvement items


Within the Interior Design Boutique, work with our consultants in the planning and furnishing of your new home. This full-service gallery gathers everything you’ll need in one convenient place, from carefully curated fixtures, furniture and even paint colors. It’s here that you will design a stage for life’s most memorable moments.