A pink flower floating on top of calm waterA pink flower floating on top of calm water

The spirit of Kaiya embodies connection and tranquility. In our world-class Spa and Fitness Center, come rejuvenate and reconnect, working with trained professionals to achieve your goals.

A woman relaxing in a pool


Feel carefree by being cared-for. That’s the essence of Kaiya and the philosophy of the community’s signature amenity — our luxurious spa. An inventive menu of health, wellness and pampering services awaits your selection, each designed to nurture comfort and contentment. The Spa at Kaiya extends a gracious welcome to anyone who seeks to support a healthy lifestyle, reconnect with family and loved ones, or simply rejuvenate and recharge.

Some towels sitting on pool chairs
A woman in a towel on a massage table
A person running on a treadmill


Whether by land or by sea, beach life is always in motion. To enrich these healthy activities, Kaiya actively supports wellness as a way of life. You'll find an impressive array of exercise options to enhance energy and empowerment, from personalized strength training at our fitness center to yoga in the fresh Florida air. A daily life that promotes health and well-being is a cornerstone at Kaiya — a life in harmony.