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Sometimes all one needs is a beckoning call to wander into tranquility. Kaiya is that call – not a destination, but a journey – a place for ongoing, enriching experiences that continue to unfold here on Florida’s breathtaking Emerald Coast.

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Imbuing each day immersed in the scenic beauty of 30A’s beach communities with cultural abundance and natural connection, Kaiya is home to Oyom Hotel & Spa, the private Kaiya Beach House, Omaire Gallery, Thisday Café and a rare collection of residences.

“Every journey has a rhythm, and Kaiya’s is one that stills the mind while igniting the soul to create a life in harmony.”

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Oyom Hotel & Spa

The literal and figurative heart of Kaiya, Oyom is a nature-ensconced, 30-suite sanctuary, a home away from home for those seeking a rewarding and inspiring escape.

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Homes in which to truly inhabit the Kaiya lifestyle include beautifully designed villas, townhouses, and condominiums.

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There are those who seek the harmony that comes from connection with like-minded souls and the natural world.

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Enhancing everyday connection with the self, others and the beauty all around us.

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