Oyom Hotel & Spa | Kaiya

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Oyom Hotel

Here you’ll find a boutique sanctuary and living room for the Kaiya community.

Oyom is beyond a mere place to vacation. This is a place to embrace the moment of wonderment , adventure, and connection. A place to celebrate love, beauty, and harmony.

Just 30 suites serve as a gateway to the world of Kaiya, inviting guests and Kaiya Club members to pause in the nature-held hideaway. Oyom offers highly personalized service with the ease of exceptional amenities close at hand. A farm-to-table restaurant, a courtyard swimming pool, a rooftop terrace with a pool and ocean views, a world-class spa offering holistic treatments and a state-of-the-art fitness center all come together to create a harmonious whole. Opening date to be announced. 

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For the few who seek what is beyond, Oyom is a place where they now can find it. 30 exquisite suites intimately nestled within nature.”

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Oyom Spa

Epitomizing a sense of unity through a multifaceted approach to achieving each individual’s wellness ambitions.

Harmony cannot exist without multiple elements – it is a sum of complementary parts. Empowering those who choose to curate their own experience of personal growth, wellness and fulfillment, Oyom offers best-in-class treatments and programming personalized to any goal. This is a place to journey beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. To journey beyond the status quo and into significance. Opening date to be announced. 

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Every Oyom Spa moment is one of beauty, balance, purpose and wonderment.”